High End Global Supervisory and Management Platform Structuring, unifying and controlling multiple systems as one.

The design problem:

Data can be picked from almost everything, but very often it is not. If it does. it could be used to improve daily tasks, reduce costs, be more efficient. Hypervision platform does that. They can collect data from buildings, aeroplanes, power stations and many more - where ever the data is being generated - they can collect and process it.

Sounds easy enough? Perhaps. But how to show it? How to get to the owner of the windmill farm with this concept? That's the valuable data is just sitting there doing nothing. Or to anyone related to traffic, or production?

I've decided to take clear yet flexible approach - represent the data as 0 & 1, and adapt it to market segment we want to address.

Live Preview

That is how the initial ideas looked. Client really loved this approach.

The next step in the process was to determine, who can benefit most out of their service and by doing that - describe and extract the main target group in the area of sectors. We come up with:

  • Security
  • Industry and manufacturing
  • Energy and grids
  • Traffic and transport
  • Buildings and cities
  • Environment


Crank the scale up!

The next step

is to adapt it to the scalable grid, using the same styling and use it with the live images

One step further

The idea was working

Concept was good, but we could still make things better and the client asks if we can do something, to make the image even stronger.

After some research and prototyping I've come up with the concept of Rubik's cube, that cannot be broken. The idea behind is, that it represents the segments of the market, possible actions and results, that can be set in any configuration. Because that is what the client is doing - all the solutions are tailor made, no scheme from the box. So no matter how do you play with the cube - it will always work. No matter how long you twist the sides - the system is as a whole and still doing its job, being adaptable at every stage of complication.

But at some point I realized, that cube might be a bit too common, and therefore it does not represent the Hypervision's scale. So the cube becomes a sphere. A growing sphere with increasing level of details.

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