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Completing this project allowed me to introduce new work standards to Liswood & Tache company. It is a win-win situation for both sides, which makes this project even more special

After carrying out some in-depth research, we came to conclusion, that Pami needed to modernise their approach towards customers. They were doing really great job in their sector, but on the same hand - they failed to show it in proper way and make it work for their advantage.

Live Preview

Home page

fix messy introduction

At this stage it was clear, that we need to send clear message what Pami really do and for who it stands with their offer.

We started by identifying, prioritizing and mapping key user journeys. We ended up distilling three main segments and setting them as pillars for future interaction scenarios. With these user scenarios in mind, we started to develop design prototype, completly changing the way it was presented so far.

Existing projects

rounds of user testing

The direction was good. We were moving further.

We had carried out series rounds of user testing with testing group. Thanks to this, we reduced the number of elements on the design, and also make the goals more reachable.

At the same time we begin to develop new look and feel to Pami communications channels, paying attention to keep certain design patterns and principles.


UI design

We have gathered enough information and user scenarios to make site even better.

We were able to show overall potential of Pami. Their products, their realisations, and their quality of work. We improved user journey through the site and make overall message very clear.

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