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About this project

From September 2017 CM Ziekenzorg will systematically disappear from the image and Samana will takes over it's place. That is a drastic but necessary change.

Along with this change, we received the task to develop new name, new brand image and new identity. The name of Samana comes from mixing phrases "Samen" (together) and "Mana", which was the food that has it's story in the bible. That is because of Christianic character of organization.

Live Preview

The logo

story behind

My first task: create the logo. The first attempt was to combine three elements in this way, that when putted together were suppose presenting the whole strong image. Like tree that was also a hand holding a fruit (in the middle).
Well, that was wrong turn, because it does not stick to the company image we want to develop.

The second ideas and sketches were focused on presenting helping factor. I've spend a whole lot of time trying to connect hands into the letter "S" shape. Soon I realize, that this was wrong direction, because of limited potential, and not giving strong enough message.

Finally, I decided to go to the most obvious solution, that somehow did not get into my head before - the shape of the letters are telling story strong enough.

Attempts, that we decided are not telling the right story.

Adding more human factor

Final result comes alive

The Rosie

De Standaard Soladeriteitsprijs

At certain moment we came to an opportunity to present Samana as a brand in "De Standaard Soladeriteitsprijs" newspaper. There is only one time in year to participate in the contest, and the competition is tough. We decided to recreate the image of "Rosie the Riveter" along with quote from Johan Anthierens, Belgian journalist, who is well-known from his controversial but honest opinions.

The point of message was to indicate, that when things goes not so well, Samana comes for the rescue in those moments.

It was success! My design won the prize of the public, gathering more than 5000 votes.

Gathering the input materials

Starting image, collecting colour pallet


The image

Online and offline

Every project needs online presence, Samana is no exception.

Just before we launched the full site, we developed small landing page that was treating about upcoming change, and was also giving a serious of hints, what people can expect out of it. The final project comes short after.

We are staying in touch with Samana, keeping the project up and running.

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